Our Gatherings

Sunday Morning Worship

At Covenant, we believe strongly in worshipping together each week in a way that encourages every member to come prepared to fully participate in the worship and praise of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our desire at Covenant is to see every member not just observe worship on Sunday morning, but to come to our Sunday Worship Service ready to fully participate and contribute in the worship and praise of our Lord.

First Sunday Lunch

  • Every 1st Sunday of the month immediately after Sunday worship service

Fellowship is critical to the church body and thus, we meet for a church family luncheon every month. It is a wonderful time for all of us to connect as one church family and celebrate God's goodness over a meal together. All are welcome especially our visitors to join us for the great time of fellowship!

We simply ask each church family members, if possible, to bring a main dish, side dish, dessert and drink they are willing to share with others.

Covenant Groups

In order to encourage one another as scripture commands us to do and to know and be known by the church body, we believe it is important to have smaller groups of households that meet each week to regularly encourage each other with the gospel and be accountable to one another. We call these Covenant Groups and each group is led by a Church Elder. Covenant group meetings are held during the week at different church members homes and they are a wonderful time of teaching, encouragement, accountability, and fellowship.

We have several different groups that meet on different nights of the week. Feel free to contact us to find out more about different groups, locations and meeting times for our Covenant Groups.

Head of Household Meetings

  • Every 4th Saturday of the month @ 7:00AM

At Covenant, we believe strongly that God desires for each Husband and/or Father is biblically required to be the spiritual leader in their household. Thus, every fourth Saturday of the month, we hold a morning meeting for all male heads of household to help encourage them in this role. The meeting is held at 7:00am at Sycamore Presbyterian Church.