Our Ministries

Covenant Groups

Scripture calls us to build up the body of Christ. We believe this is best accomplished in a small group of households that can meet during the week to encourage one another.

Head Of Household Meetings

We believe that scripture clearly speaks to the importance of heads of household being the shepherds of their home (Deut. 6, Eph. 5). Thus, we hold monthly support meetings for Heads of Households to encourage them to embrace this role and be accountable to be the pastor in their home.

Constructive Covenantal Relationships

As Scripture calls us to the daily ministering to the Church, we believe this is best accomplished through meaningful, honest, heart-level relationships with God and one another. These relationships should be built on God’s love for us, as we encourage one another with God’s Truth. As we speak the truth in love to another, we should actively pursue a heart-felt commitment to truly know and be known by one another in deep, meaningful ways. These relationships, what we call mutually constructive covenantal relationships, are God’s primary method for growing the Body of Christ. We believe, in order to grow more abundantly in our relationship with God, we must make a heart-level commitment to grow daily in our relationships with one another and we encourage every member to have at least one of these relationships.

Household Ministries

A covenantal life of faithfulness is best developed and demonstrated by households caring and serving together to minister to those in needs. Thus, we encourage our households to seek out regular opportunities to serve and minister to others in ways that allows the entire household to serve together versus ministries that segregate and disperse household members.

Covenant Counseling Services

Covenant Counseling Services (CCS) provides counseling which aims to walk alongside those struggling or suffering. True growth can and does take hold where real life and wise counsel meet in a caring environment. Real change occurs in the midst of our day-to-day suffering when we encounter gospel grace and mercy in our time of need.